METU Survey Service

Frequently Asked Questions about METU Survey Service

1. Who can use METU Survey Service?


All presently employed METU personnel and graduate students.


2. How can I apply to the METU Survey Service?


If you are a METU personnel, you can access the page, and by entering your user code and password, start to use the service without any further applications.


3. How can I access METU Survey Service?


By using the same user name and password that you use at METU central servers, you can enter the site, . The operations like creating and publishing surveys, arranging the participant information, showing the responses etc. are all done on this site.


4. How can I get information on LimeSurvey software?


The detailed features list of Limesurvey software can be accessed at this link. To access the Limesurvey software help and documentation page, see this link.


You can also access LimeSurvey support forums by following link. There, you will find the forums organized according to their subjects. You can reach a sample survey created using LimeSurvey via the link.


For the administration interface demo, follow the link (entering user name: admin, password: test).You can also access videos on Limesurvey at the addresses this link and this link.


5. What are the functions of the buttons on the METU Survey Service web interface?


After you log in to the survey, you are going to see a screen like this. The details are shown below:



In the figure below, you will also find the explanations of the buttons of survey management screen:



6. How can I create a survey using METU Survey Service?


After logging in, click on  icon to create a new survey, copy or upload a survey.


7. Can I test the surveys before publication?


By clicking on the  icon in the admin panel, you can preview and test your surveys.


8. How can I see the responses to my surveys?


Using the  icon, you can review all the complete and incomplete responses. When your survey expires or when you want to withdraw it, you must "expire" it.


9. Can I form anonymous (whose attendants are not known) and non-anonymous (whose attendants are known), or open to all/specific category surveys by using the METU Survey Service?


While creating a survey, you can choose among various accessibility options according to your purpose. METUSurvey allows forming anonymous, anonymous, open to all or restricted access surveys. You can access these options by using  icon.


10. Can I modify a survey after activation?


To give access to a survey you need to activate it first. In an activated survey, you can only change the code/title/content of the questions, name/explanation for question groups, contents of the answer options and the name/explanation of the survey. You need to deactivate the survey if you want to add or delete questions, question groups, sub-questions and to change their codes.


11. What is an access token?


Access tokens are some kind of passwords used for participants to access surveys. These passwords are composed of a number of characters which can be either manually or automatically generated. Once the survey is set as restricted access, these access tokens are sent to the e-mail addresses of the invited attendants. In this way, only those who are invited can access the survey and answer the questions.


12. Where can I direct my questions and problems regarding METU Survey Service?


You can post your questions and problems to our contact page