METU Survey Service

Usage Policy

METU Survey Service is started in June 2012. It has the following basic functions:


  • The contents of the surveys can be arranged interactively.
  • The recipients of the surveys can be selected and both reminders and invitations can be sent to the recipients via e-mail.
  • The surveys can be composed in English or Turkish.
  • About 20 different types of questions can be used.
  • Reports concerning the responses made can be automatically generated, and the responses can be transferred to other platforms in various formats and be processed.


Any active METU personnel who want to use this service can directly go to the address, and use their METU user code and password to login. No registration is needed. Users can use the service as long as their central user codes are active. Users whose user codes are cancelled will also lose accounts in the METU Survey Service.


Liability with respect to the content and method of the surveys in the service falls entirely on the user who composes and publishes them.


It is necessary for the users to get the approval of the Ethics Committee of METU Research Center for Applied Ethics before they can open their surveys for access. The process of approval varies depending on the type of the survey:


  • For the surveys intended for general public, only after the evaluation of the Ethics Board can the approval be acquired.
  • For the surveys which are not open to general public, an invitation must be sent to, allowing the Ethics Committee to evaluate the surveys. If the Ethics Board concludes that the surveys are appropriate, they gives its approval.


For more information regarding the approval procedures and contact information, you can visit the website of the Research Center for Applied Ethics:


It is also required that the users of METU Survey Service abide by the METU Information Technology Resources Use Policy.


In case of violation of the regulations of METU Research Center for Applied Ethics and METU Information Technology Resources Use Policy, RCAE and Computer Center keep the right to intervene to the surveys and/or survey accounts.


Things to be known about METU Survey Service


  • If the user modifies a survey after activating it, the survey will acquire unapproved status automatically. At that stage, the modifications done on the survey can only be seen by the owner. In such a case, the owner should apply to the Research Center for Applied Ethics, and informing them about the modifications should seek to get a new approval from the Ethics Board.
  • The surveys that users compose will be seen as unapproved at the first stage. Unapproved surveys can only be seen by the owner, remaining inaccessible to the other users.
  • The user will be informed via e-mail about the approval status of the survey (approved, activated, modified, etc.).


Contacting Research Center for Applied Ethics


RCAE Web site: